Our Animal Sanctuary is currently home to 2 cats and 5 chickens.

The cats, Mies and Roos, have a habitat of 45m2, which is also our living space. Difference is, we actually converted the whole appartment into a real cat-walhalla, complete with scratchingpoles, plants, lookouts overseeing the outdoors, and over 25 meters of cat-walks. They have unrestricted access to all the different rooms, both accessible through the doors and by the room-connecting cat-walks high against the walls and ceiling, where they can get up to through the use of scratchingpoles, shelves and climbing-closets. The cats get vegan catfood, which is scientifically tested, but while it is still a new invention, we have regular check-ups at the vet. We also decided to restrict going outside, due to the impact cats have on local wildlife. They are indoors most of the time, where they have enough space and challenges, and regularly take a walk outside on a leash. However, they both seem to prefer staying inside, which confirmes our efforts to give them the home they need.

We saved Roos from the streets when she was only 4 weeks old. She was probably dumped by people or by her mother, but just the same alone and very hungry and thirsty, and would not have made it through the night. We took her home, helped her to recover, reached out to find possible owners, but she turned out to be an orphan so she stayed with us. We adopted Mies when she was a year old, from a family which had a total of 7 cats and 2 dogs, so Mies was very shy and timid. Luckily, with a lot of time and care, she is now very affectionate and always wants to lay with you or cuddle.

The chickens (Lilly, Ziro, Leo, Luke and Jango) have a habitat of 15m2 outside and 8m2 inside. They can access both the indoor and outdoor area 24/7, whenever and however they want. Additionally, we equipped their habitat with some things to play with, and regularly throw some green food across the ground, so they can practise their natural foraging behavoir. The inside area is well isolated, so they always have a comfortable indoor climate even when it is too hot or cold outside.

The chickens have been saved from a broiler farm, en came to live with us when they were only 1,5 weeks old. Unfortunately, these animals are genetically insatiable, therefore we keep them on a diet made by experienced 'broiler-savers', because they would otherwise gain too much weight, which would mean their legs couldn't handle their bodies and their hearts would break down due to obesity. Despite that, they are very curious and soft hearted, and whenever they have the chance they will try to sit on you. They are particularly happy with the outdoor area, due to the fact they never saw the daylight before they came to us, and would have never seen it if they weren't rescued. We can proudly say they now are 7 weeks old, a week older than they would not have been rescued.

Disclaimer: The saved animals at our sanctuary have not been saved by us, only adopted. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for theft or other accusations (apart from the fact that we do not consider saving lives a crime).