anouk The artist

Anouk is a beginning tatttoo artist and she is very enthusiast to discover different tattoo styles. Her specialization is linework, more specific botanic tattoos (plants and flowers). Besides that, she is expanding her versatility and is not afraid to step outside of her comfortzone, so you will always be guaranteed of a beautiful endresult. Anouk is a perfectionist, which means that you will always go home with the best possible version of your tattoo!

Anouk is vegan, and is always willing to talk about that or give more information if you want to.


What is vegan about our studio

Unfortunately, just like in all sorts of products, products used while tattooing often contain animal products. This is the case for example in a lot of pigment used for the ink. The usage of the animal based products is normalised in a way that they are used by a lot of brands and in a lot of different products. This because the production of the animal based products, often by-products of the meat and dairy industries, is happening at such a large scale that they are often very cheap. Financially speaking this is true, but what does that say about the value we are giving to the lives of innocent animals who are suffering unnecessary by our hands? We think that every life is worth the same. Therefore we guarantee that all of our products we use are free of animal-based products and animal testing. There is no need for a life to be ended of for a being to suffer in order for us to get a tattoo, is there?

Besides all our products being vegan and cruelty free, we try to use as much products as possible that are sustainable and biobased, for example for hygiene, and we try to minimalise our waste as much as possible.

What is veganism?

Veganism is a lifestyle free of animal based products. So not only is the diet of a vegan plantbased, also the clothing and all other things that we use in our lifes are animal free and therefore animal friendly. People often think Vegans are rather extreme, but on the contrary, is a lifestyle where one chooses to not participate to unnecessary pain and abuse not the opposite of extreme?

Besides love for the animals, love for the nature can also be one of the reasons one chooses to be vegan. The impact the meat and dairy industries have on the climate is something that few people know of and is taken little to none action to to begin with. Unfortunately, the world we live in is so focussed on money, that the amount of money that is made in these industries completely overshadows the impact is has and at what level it destroys our planet and therefore inevitably destoys ourselves. And all that while the facts are on the table. Everyone who wants to can find scientific and independent research showing the meat and dairy industries are destroying everything we have left and love.

Besides all that, the are countless other arguments to choose for a vegan lifestyle. Because not only is it better for the animals and the planet, but following a plantbased diet also benefits your health. But not only is it more helathy, nowadays it is also completely unnecessary to consume animal products. All the nutrients we need we can get from plantbased food, while the animals get them from plantbased sources as well. Cut the middle man. Unnecessary.

Are you interested in veganism or would you simply like to know more? There are numerous articles, books and documentaries made and written that could help you find the answers. A good book is This Is Vegan Propaganda by Ed Winters. A couple of good documentaries are Cowspiracy, Seaspiracy, What the Health, Gamechangers, Dominion and Earthlings. This last one is quite confronting, but we think it is a must-see for vegans and non-vegans alike, and also we based our company name to it.